Day 3 – Unsubscribe…

Finally, a ‘no brainer’ in the inbox zero challenge.  Unsubscribe. Go back, read day2.

Meanwhile. Spend the ‘rest day’ working on my task manager which is likewise gunked up.


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Sort (!?)

RESISTANCE IS REAL — or maybe it’s precisely NOT.

I’m really trying to “stay out of my inbox” — which means that dedicating time to email slips to the bottom of the list – I’d like to drive my life rather than all those who make requests. The majority of my 300+ messages in my box are things that need action. It is precisely here that I get stuck. 30 minutes will get me paying attention to the low priority urgent items rather than processing the things I already believed to be important when I GOT there… but it’s so easy to get caught in “I can take care of that real quick”… FAIL today (Tuesday).

End of day — net LOSS of the ‘battle’ of 21 messages.



Email is a symptom. Chaos is tiresome & unbecoming.  Back to point. (Simultaneously with this swing, has been an upswing in productivity that moved toward resolution: BIG issues in health, finance, house, study, personal growth…

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On a diet –

Email. Tasks. They are completely ruling me & either I march along in compliant obedience or rebel by laying in bed. Trying this month a new thing.

I’m already meeting resistance in big & beautiful ways. I have tools. I will use them.

This represents “unread” (in my book that’s ‘actionable’) emails across 3 boxes. I have one more work box, but Mailstrom will only handle 3 at a time.  This is my starting point.


I’m hanging w/ Asian Efficiency’s inbox zero challenge this week.  By the end of the day Monday, my count looked like this:

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 12.52.11.png screen-shot-2016-09-05-at-21-34-34

It feels a little like moving the deck chairs around on the Titanic though, & even the act of just archiving (or in this case, slipping my emails into “sweep” folders) brought up a great deal of “uh-oh, I’ll loose track of things” (like I haven’t already with more than 1000 emails STILL left).


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When does slippage happen?

My sugar cravings have been up.  I’ve been watching them.

Yesterday the perfect excuse presented itself I was at an event that had suggary-wheaty snacks only.  I chose to have some. I wasn’t starving, I could have waited. I chose not to.

This morning I got up & looked at the chocolate covered pretzels. I looked at them & then opened the bag. And then I ate four.  A moment of indulgence. I had them instead of breakfast.  (I’ll certainly have a late breakfast too, but I broke my fast on wheaty chocolaty goodness)

My meals have been all paleo all the time.  So now, after my brief? indulgence, I’m back on track.

A watched pot, even one that doesn’t always follow the rules is STILL a thing changed…

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Cave (wo)man — week 1


I decided to participate in a study that looks at people & dieting, “the quantified diet“.

Every time I enter into a formal “practice period”, I choose some element of dietary change that is somewhat inconvenient. It forces me to be more aware of my choices. This heightened awareness serves all of my intentions. It reminds me not to operate on auto pilot, and forces me to slow down and notice when I’m making choices that aren’t in alignment.  I don’t always do something different when i hit my speedbumps, but I do notice.

So now. The new year feels fresh & new.

On January 1, I received a randomized diet assignment. Drumroll: PALEO.

Very trendy. We’ll see how it goes. What I knew about the diet before 1/1 could be held in a thimble.

My attachment to “paleo” for paleo’s sake is zero. I’m interested in having dietary guidelines / restrictions mostly in relationship to awareness.

Thus far, I’ve found it relatively easy. I’m not much of a grain person, but going out to eat has already been challenging (!! No sushi!!) after 4 days, the omelette is growing old. (This is gonna be a long month).

Predicted Challenges:

  • I’m frequently in vegetarian spaces. It’s hard to find satisfying meals (w/ any protein) here.
  • I love me a good croissant / slice of cake
  • I’m not inclined to be ‘public’ about dietary changes — in particular, when being served by family & friends, I’m inclined to gracefully accept what is offered.

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Fell off the horse [hard]

Well, I’ve been playing with this site ‘healthmonth’ now since October.  Each month, I’ve re-calibrated my intentions and made new ones, taking baby-steps toward living my life in a way that supports my ongoing well being.

I check in every day & mark my ‘rules’ off — did I floss? eat breakfast? exercise?? and then I got a cold, and added a volunteer gig to the schedule, had an accident (I’m fine), participated in several classes simultaneously, and suddenly my time seemed full without logging in to mark off my meditation sessions.

As one day of not logging in turned to 7, I found my motivation flagging.  I didn’t identify with this month’s rules anymore, & I found myself HIDING from the daily reminders.  Seriously, hiding from my own good intentions!! (how neurotic is that!??)  I’m grateful to healthmonth for the steady reminders to take steps to make incremental change.  I’m also happy for taking time out to step-back, integrate, & not look to change things so much as to assess.

It’s been extraordinary.  I’ve been /doing/ many of the things that were really /hard/ for me when I first started in with health month (breakfast, vitamins) without much argument or to do.  It’s in the absence of the daily check in, taking the training wheels OFF that we can really assess the impact.  Like NOT doing the ‘diet’ anymore, & simply seeing if the lifestyle changes are sticking…

So here I am. — in what has turned out to be an ‘off’ month for me.  (or at least an ‘off’ week or 2)…

At the start of March (March 1-27), I will be participating in a nationwide program “27 days of change”  (  There’s an intention form that helps you to look at various aspects in your life — most of which are trackable via health month.  (particularly when you take advantage of the custom ‘do’s & custom ‘don’ts’ or have things like ‘weightlifting’ stand in for something YOU know…  I’ll definitely be back in March.  I’ll likely be back a few times in February too knowing me…


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Stating the obvious: sinuses are a drag

My yoga practice has been suffering since every time I go to put my head below my hips, I settle into a searing headache.  I’m not always enthused about a restorative practice.  I like a little ‘action’ before I rest into my bolster.  And yet, here I am, with a commitment to my practice one way or the other.  What I have noticed is that even with my sniffling sneezy coughy stuffy head, sounds like a drug-company commercial experience, nothing seems to clear things up (even temporarily) like a bit of physical movement.

What got me up out of bed today was the desire to accomplish something today.  Even though the things I was accomplishing was just the things I normally slip in between the stuff of my daily life, today it was all I did. I got up & did what was needed to click ‘yes’ (or ‘no’) on my Health Month health goals. Particularly in feeling icky, I can put my full attention on my intention to be well, and take care of myself & my community.  Here’s to a good solid day of following through on my intentions  — it seems a bigger accomplishment than other days.

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